Monday, October 12, 2009

Emeree Iva Sorensen

So after a very long pregnancy and trying delivery, she is finally here. Emeree came Oct. 3rd at 7:37 am. She weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces, which makes her our smallest, 19 inches. We ended up going in Friday night with labor. So I was lucky enough to go through some labor too. (that was sarcasm) So turns out she was transverse which means she was positioned like she was laying down. So she had some difficult time coming out. They ended up cutting a t shape incision as opposed to the normal vertical incision. I also lost 3 times as much blood as an average c section. Emeree didn't want to breath at first either. So needless to say we had a fun time getting her here. Aside from the harder recovery, she is a perfect angle. She hardly ever cries and she sleeps very well so far. She only wakes up 1 or 2 times a night. She is a perfect little addition to our family, and as you can see by the pics- She is loved by her bothers and sister.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our house

So this is our house! It is done we will be having our final walk through maybe as early as Friday. This picture was taken yesterday and it is already outdated. We now have grass and some simple landscaping, with a sprinkler system. I actually can't believe how much better it looks with grass. I wish I would've taken the camera today. We will post pictures of the inside when we close or maybe even the walk through.
Here are a few details. We have a corner lot. On the main floor we have a formal sitting room, a great room, dining area, kitchen, pantry, and powder room. On the upper floor we have 3 reg. bedrooms and one master with walk in closet and a master bath, laundry room and another bathroom. The basement is unfinished but has been framed for an entertainment or playroom, bathroom, bedroom , and storage room.
We are so excited to finally be in a home that we own! The kids are even excited. It was hard at first for Adam because he is such a social, preteen! But we are all ready! So there is the scoop. We'll post more later.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just nuts and bolts of our life

My last post was April?? Really? Sheesh! Well I guess I better up date. I get tired of seeing my own blog, plus I don't like seeing my name at the bottom of everyones blog lists because I haven't updated in the longest! Thank goodness for you Noelle! You are always right below me. (hee hee)
OK. Kids are out of school, Eli will go all day next year- weird! Last year for Adam in Elementary. Abby got straight A's. I am especially proud because she actually has to work for it. She did great. I decided not to be the crazy, mad, room mom next year. Three classes was hard this year! So next year with a new baby, I am gonna coast through! :) I may reconsider for Adam since it will be his last year and the older they get, the less volunteers they get. We will see.

Most of you have heard by now, except maybe JK- We are having a Healthy baby girl! Abby is thrilled! We will have even numbers in our fam, but mostly we are happy she is healthy! The doctor did the ultra sound and explained everything he was doing and looking for. The only thing he couldn't check for out right was Down's but he did look for the clues to Down's and everything looked normal. I was relieved because I feel so old and out of shape. We are still looking at the beginning of Oct for her to show her cute little face in the world. No names so far. I am pretty settled on Emery, but Chris doesn't like it. :( What do you all think?

Our house is still just a whole with a basement. The basement is a new development. Evidently the city of Payson is pretty picky. Although we have waited a long time we did get some upgrades because of it. We locked into a price, then the city demanded stucco, they demanded more stone, they demanded higher elevation, and a front yard with sprinklers. So we got all these upgrades for free, plus they raised the price about 20 grand on all future houses in the area, plus they no longer offer our floor plan in the area, so there will only be about 4 houses with our same floor plan. The rest will be ramblers. We figure we have about 40- to 50 thousand in equity already! But we are definitely ready for our house! They estimate we will be closing in the end of July now.

Other than that we are just hanging out, trying to clean and pack. And of course Baseball Baseball Baseball. Adam is playing for a Payson team so about 3 to 4 times a week we get to drive 30 min. to and 30 min. from Payson and get to hang out for 2 hours in between. It is not the most ideal, but he was recruited to an accelerated league and has made lots of friends on his two teams and no longer threatens to live on the streets of Lehi, because he refuses to move. :) Plus we now have a grasp on Payson and their sports teams, and major players in the whole city sports world. In fact one of his coaches who does football, baseball and basketball- all accelerated, plus sports camps, and I think he is the H.S. basketball coach, built a house next door to ours! So we are neighbors! They are fun people and I think we will get along great. But it is also helpful because of all the politics in sports- yes even at this young it is CRAZY!

Ok well that was a long post. I hope some of you made it through the whole thing! And if I put you to sleep- enjoy the nap!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Thanks to Tia for tagging me with this! I need to come up with 10 things that I like that start with W. Shouldn't be too hard. So here I go.

1. Weird- I like weird things and I am kinda weird myself so...
2. Wyoming! Yes I do love Wyoming!
3. Winter. It is hard to say that now when everyone is soooo done with the snow and it is overstaying it's welcome, but I really do love winter.
4. Wisdom. I am not saying I have much experience in this area, but now and again I will feel like I have gained some wisdom.
5. Wishing
6. Water
7. Weeping Willows. I have always loved these trees. Does that count as two because it is a double-W?
8. Wiggles- I love feeling my baby wiggle in my tummy.
9. Wheat crackers.
10.Wisconsin-Mostly because I love cheese. I know, I know, that is pushing it! ( 9 and 10 go lovely together. In fact I am gonna go eat some now! :)

Well there you have it folks! 10 things that start with W!!!!

So now I tag these people with these letters.

JK-you take the letter R
Noelle- Just because I would like to see another post from you will you take the letter T ( I better see an Aunt Tanya on the list!!)
Cindy- How about K!
Charee- Since you and Kaycee are so very smart why don't you work together and do Q!!

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Last twig on the branch

Ok. So for those of you who are waiting for the end to my last cliff hanger. Here it is. My car emission test went fine. It took them down to the last possible second to finish before I had to go pick up Eli from school. I understand though because he had to have a smoke break! I mean really, I can't expect him to skip that. Plus I think he forgot to do his morning exercises because at one point I spotted him doing push ups on the railing to the stairs. This poor guy was working so hard he then had to stop to get a drink. So what was quoted to me as a 20 minute wait actually took 45. But really this poor guy had so much to do. Smoke, exercise ,(because he wants to be healthy.) have some drinks, check out the car his buddy was working on, Catch up on everything with his buddy. But lucky for me he was able to do all this and his own job in time for me to pick up Eli. Yay! Oh but no glowing reports about how great my van was, or no free test. :(

O.k. now to my official post. Yes as most of you have heard we are finally sprouting the last twig on our branch of the family tree. For those of you who are slower than others (you know who you are) We are expecting what is most likely our last child. Due Oct. 10th. I always knew there would be another but I was too selfish to get it done earlier, now it is biting me in the butt. There will only be a small 6 year gap between Eli and this one. It is like starting all over. The plus side is the kids are so excited and I know all three will be wonderful helps. So there you have it folks, a blog with a little bit of meat to it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blah, Blah Blog!

I suck at Blogging. I can't think of anything to blog about. Why is that? I am busy. I do have kids. Weird. Anyway I got sick of looking at my old blog so I thought I would write this nothing paragraph just to mix it up a bit. I am going to try harder to think of things. We'll see. Hey I am going to get my saftey and emmissions test done on my car! Maybe there will be something to report on that. Second thought, I hope not. Anything out of the ordinary would be bad. It's not like they are gonna say,"Your car is running so smoothly! We've never seen anything like it! This test is on us! It has been a pleasure looking at your dusty, old, diry, minivan!" Well we will see. I am sorry to leave you all with such a "cliff-hanger" but I must venture out to get my car checked! Stay tuned to see if I get a free emmissions test!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


O.k. So I finally got my Nativity up. It seems like that may have been the cause for much of my stress. I just don't feel right unless it is up.It is the reason for the season after all. Not only for me, but I want my kids to know. In the years past I have been able to put it up and each year a different kid seems to be interested or around. Each year it seems to be some one on one time with a different kid. This year it was Eli. He was the only one home and I asked if he wanted to help me put it up. He didn't know what I meant by "Nativity" So it spiked his interest. Anyway I told him the rules. Like certain Christmas songs had to play, Only I could unwrap them but he got to choose where he thought they would've stood. (With suggestions and guidance from me) I told him about what role each character played in the event. It seemed like each time I got a new piece out I would say "This one is my favorite" And tell him why. Then he would say "Oh, mine too.- Where is the baby Jesus." Jesus was of course the last one out. He was so excited and loved listening to the story. I am so glad I got the opportunity to share this with him. I have had a chance with each of my Kids through the years and always fill the spirit so strong. I also got to tell the story of how I got the Nativity that we have. I searched and searched for what I thought was the perfect Nativity. I don't think we had any children yet. I couldn't find one anywhere. I refused to buy one until I fell in love with one. Anyway, we were as poor as church mice and I decided to go to a craft fair down the street from where we lived. There is was! It was $60. It was such a stretch for us to afford it but I had tried so hard to find one. I knew I needed to get it. There were only two that this lady had made. So I went and got Chris and we decided to buy it even though we couldn't afford it. Turns out I got a steal of a deal. Similar ones go for much more than that. But to me, it is priceless and I have received much more than the $60.00 we payed all those years ago.- Back to the original story. After we set it up we sat there and listened to music and cuddled. Sounds kind of cheesy but it made my whole Christmas. A little while later I saw him put a piece of paper in the nativity. When I went to look closer he had made the word Joy (with the j backwards) out of holes from a hole punch. Behind our Nativity I have the word Joy in wooden letters. I guess he just wanted to be a part of that and show his love by making something to add.